maxment® Transfer & Evaluation

The Solution for Sustainable HR Development

The Challenge of Effectiveness

Your company invests a lot of money in the training of its employees. But do the training participants really apply on their jobs what they have learnt in the training?

Studies show that, on average, only 20% of what has been learnt is applied in the workplace. Conversely: 80% of the contents is at risk of being lost for lack of transfer.

maxment® ensures the sustainable transfer of learnings to the job (transfer assurance) and provides the accompanying controlling in an efficient way (evaluation).

With maxment® you can ensure that what has been learnt in the training is really transfered to the workplace. Consequently, companies increase the return on their training investments and the competence level of their people significantly. The effect of HR development can be proven numerically, und the offering can be optimized continuously – in particular in respect of its practical benefit.


The Solution

maxment® provides an easily usable online solution which enables an optimal support of all kinds of training processes. Thanks to its intuitive user guidance and automation, the time to be invested by the training participants and the HRD staff is small indeed. A 3-phase best-practice standard process is offered as the base, but it can be completely adapted both regarding the contents and the process steps. maxment® supports the participants, for instance, in the definition of their training goals, in the development of the transfer plan and in the final evaluation of the degree of goal achievement. Trainer and HR Development are kept up-to-date. Line managers can be involved efficiently.

Transfer Assurance

systematic and consistent
An effective transfer assurance already starts before the training and engages the participant with his individual needs, supports him by creating a beneficial environment and accompanies him until all items have been transfered.

For this, maxment® provides easily usable online tools that are inter-connected so that the participant receives the best possible support before and after the training.


clear and meaningful
At the end, detailed evaluation reports will be provided to you automatically, with no effort needed on your part. Based on the data collected during the whole process, extraordinarily concrete statements can be made. KPIs on all evaluation levels, from satisfaction via competence improvements up to return on investment are clearly presented. You will be able to identify and drill down to critical items quickly. New insights will feed back into the improvement of future trainings.

This is how it works

As soon as maxment® knows title, date, and list of participants, the process is ready to start. You may enter these required data either directly into the administration interface, or you may import them, or enter them via an interface with your course management software.

You will be provided with a 3-phase best-practice standard process which, however, can be adapted according to your requirements, as you wish. Once the process has been fixed and implemented in line with your wishes, the optimal process support is triggered completely automatically for each of your trainings, from the first email up to the last evaluation.

Your Advantages from maxment® Transfer & Evaluation

Whether it is a short seminar or a multi-module training program, with maxment® you can activate additional success factors without a big effort. Its intelligently inter-connected online tools can be adapted, as you wish, both in respect of contents and scope. A consistently applied support process, which is tailor-made for your corporation, means in regard to any type of training …

… for your participants: learn more >> transfer more >> achieve more

… for you as the HR Developer: offer more >> have more impact >> have more evidence

In order to prevent optimal HR development processes from failing due to excessive effort:

  • Efficient and effective learning support processes are designed and standardized
  • A readily available best-practice standard process is available – and if needed, easily adaptable
  • Technically ready to use for your participants via internet browser and password
  • Minimal effort for participants, trainer and HR Development thanks to the automation of process and evaluations
  • Intuitive to use, and, if desired, in your corporate design

Especially Appreciated at maxment® Transfer & Evaluation

Helps you become not only efficient, but also effective

maxment® Transfer & Evaluation maximizes the impact, and does not only reduce costs. The competences and the competitiveness of your company increase significantly.

Not only offers best practice, but is also adaptable to your culture

Company cultures can vary considerably, for instance, concerning the role to be performed by the supervisors. The maxment® process can flexibly reflect your specific corporate culture.

Not only available as “one size fits all”, but can be differentiated

Dependent on the training category, you can design different maxment® processes. After all, a two-hour product training calls for a different support process compared to a three-day leadership seminar.

Provides not only standard measurements, but tailor-made KPIs

Our customers pursue various goals with their HR development. Accordingly, we offer to control your HR development based on different tailor-made KPIs. maxment® can flexibly adapt the evaluations to report these specific KPIs.

Results of maxment® Customers

maxment® significantly increases the ROI on HR development investments due to its consistent optimization of learning processes. In an internal study, customers have, on average, achieved the following results:

ROI on maxment®-supported HR development investments.
of the training participants achieve their previously defined training objectives.
of the supervisors notice a performance improvement of their reports on the job after a maxment®-supported training.
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