maxment® Online Courses

The Solution for Your E-Learning

The Challenge of E-Learning

Your company wants to enable self-directed learning? Or do you have compliance topics in which all employees need to be trained in a trackable way, and e-learning is the most efficient method for that?

But how can the web-based trainings be easily uploaded, accessed and evaluated? How can you ensure, without a huge effort, that all the selected employees really work through the relevant training materials?

maxment® Online Courses facilitates the upload, the access and the evaluation of web-based trainings.

Your Advantages from maxment® Online Courses

Easy Use

  • For administrators: Enter the title and select the file – there is no easier setup.
  • For participants: Click, for instance, on “Start Course” – there is no easier access.

Reliable Playback

  • Minimal technical requirements: Just a browser is required, no plug-ins and no administrator rights.
  • Outstanding conformity with the prevalent e-learning standards so that all courses are played back exactly as desired.
  • The responsive player allows working through the web-based trainings also per smartphone or tablet so that learning becomes possible in the most diverse situations.

Full Integration

  • In combination with the module maxment® Course Manager, the users receive a joint overview of all classroom-based trainings and all online offerings in the integrated training catalogue as well as in their personal development histories.
  • In combination with the module maxment® Transfer & Evaluation, you ensure the successful transfer of e-learnings to the workplace, and you receive feedback regarding the quality of the offering.
  • In combination with the module maxment® HRD Cockpit, you are able to evaluate the usage and the assessment of e-learnings in detail, and, for instance, can compare them with classical seminars.


Easily Upload Web-based Trainings

  • Trainings in the prevalent e-learning standards (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, Tin Can API) can be easily uploaded with one click on “Add”.
  • Any e-learning can be embedded, like a classical seminar, in a complete process, e.g. with invitation email, reminder email, feedback & transfer support, dispatch of certificates, … You can also combine several online courses and classroom trainings into one learning path of any length, where every step can only be taken after the previous one has been completed.
  • In case the participants do not register themselves via the training catalogue, individual employees or groups of employees can be assigned to trainings.

Easily Access Web-based Trainings

  • Participants can, for instance, access the offering via the training catalogue where they find a combined overview of all classical trainings and e-learnings.
  • Depending on your chosen settings, learners can directly launch the course or have to go through an approval workflow.

Easily Evaluate Web-based Trainings

  • Accesses, completion states, and test results can be automatically recorded, and they can be used subsequently, within the limits of the agreed confidentiality rules, in the standard maxment® functions: emails, certificates, training history, evaluation reports, cockpit for real-time analytics, … You may automatically send, for instance, for the purpose of a consistent tracking, reminder mails to those participants who have not yet finished the learning unit – if desired, with an escalation to the next-higher level, or you may request an overview of the trainings that have already been finished successfully.
  • Optionally, also the detailed usage paths and the detailed responses can be recorded and evaluated.

Especially Appreciated at maxment® Online Courses

Easy access

maxment® offers multiple options to access WBTs, which may be chosen dependent on the use case – so that in any case the participant can begin learning very easily.

Reliable playback

Of critical importance, but not a matter of course, is the smooth re-play of the trainings for all participants. maxment® achieves this because it does not require any plug-ins, and because the player enables the correct rendering on all devices.

Peace of mind

Ensuring that a mandatory training is worked on by all participants, can consume lots of time and rack the nerves – maxment® guarantees the smooth and automatic operation of the processes, and gives you peace of mind.

Practical reports

Save the time that you would need for a manual tracking in Excel – with one click you will, for instance, receive a report for your Management on the completion state of your present training campaign including a break-down by department.
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