maxment® Course Manager

The Solution for Your Course Administration

The Challenge of Efficiency

Your company wants to provide an easy access to training for its employees. However:

Booking … rebooking … cancelling participations … sending invitations … preparing lists … printing certificates … all that causes an immense workload.

maxment® Course Manager relieves you by means of automating those processes, and provides those who need training a short and easy path to this.

Your Advantages from maxment® Course Manager

Everybody benefits from an efficient course management:
Employees will discover the available trainings, and they can quickly select the most suitable ones. The registration is done with only a few clicks.

Supervisors can approve or decline training requests directly in their email inbox with a single click. Further approvals, if required, e.g. from your HR Management, are automatically requested according to your rules.

HR Development gets all the material for the trainer, e.g. one day before the seminar, ready for print-out: a welcome letter, the list of participants, a door sign, name badges and the certificates of participation. It is assured that all the standard processes will be executed automatically and consistently. As a consequence, more resources remain free for personal assistance, continuous optimization and the focused expansion of HR development.


The module maxment® Course Manager allows for an easy, automatic handling of all processes surrounding a training participation. Courses can be created with just a few clicks, can be imported from Excel or e.g. from SAP – everything else is completely automatic.

Simplify the management of registrations and cancellations, e.g.:

  • Registrations, cancellations and changes of reservations, including the required approval workflows, can be initiated by the employee or the supervisor herself
  • Confirmations and calendar entries can be sent out automatically
  • Preregistered participants can be notified automatically about newly offered courses
  • … and yes, even for rather complex challenges we will surely find practical solutions.

Have the standard documents automatically prepared, e.g.:

  • List of participants and name badges
  • Service requests and internal cost allocation
  • Certificates and proofs of qualification
  • … and yes, for sure all absolutely in style, in your corporate design.

Always keep the overview, e.g.:

  • Booking status of the courses in respect of the minimum and maximum number of participants
  • Need for additional trainings, e.g. based on pre-bookings
  • Registration history of a participant and the complete development history of an employee
  • … and yes, also that Excel file without which nothing would work, for sure, can be created automatically!

Especially Appreciated at maxment® Course Manager

Provides enormous relief

Complete automation, e.g. of the registration and cancellation process

Automatic preparation of e.g. certificates

Automatic notification, e.g. of pre-registered participants

Can be configured flexibly

Customizable for tailor-made functionalties

We are ready to automate proven processes that you want to keep

Familiar design of pages and documents according to your corporate identity

Can be used intuitively

Easy, user-friendly and very efficient

For instance, only 1 click for the supervisor to approve a training request

Provides a superior overview

Always in the know about who where how what

Always have information at your fingertips when, for instance, a participant or a supervisor calls you in the HR Development Department

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