maxment® is being used by customers from the most diverse size classes, by middle market companies with 500 employees up to big enterprises with more than 50,000 employees. Given the highly flexible configurability of the maxment® software, an adaptation to the most varied requirements of our customers is easily done.

There are maxment® users on all continents as the maxment® Learning & Transfer Suite is available globally thanks to powerful servers and internet connections. maxment® is already implemented in multiple languages, ranging from German via English and Spanish, Portuguese and French to Mandarin. Additional languages can be easily added.

Testimonials of Our Customers

“maxment® convinced us with a functionality that meets the requirements of sustainable human resources development in all respects. We obtain indicators for transfer success, which represent for us an important component of a human resources development that is focused on adding value. High usage rates, positive feedback from participants, trainers and managers – we are very satisfied!”

Dr. Christoph Mehl - Human Resources Development, Dürr AG

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