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Is the Transfer of E-Learnings Really No Problem?

Companies are increasingly using e-learnings to train their employees. In 2012, 29.9% of companies used e-learning to develop their employees (Fig. 1). Fig. 1: Use of training by companies in 2012 (Source: Statista) The importance of web-based trainings has continued to grow further in the meantime. According to a survey conducted by ADP [...]

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Is there an Integrated Learning Management System that can Secure the Transfer of Trainings?

In the highly competitive environment, in which most companies are nowadays, training is of vital importance. That is why in 2013, 33.5 billion Euros were invested in HR development by German firms1. For the US-American companies, these vocational training investments amount even to 165 billion US dollars2. Yet the question is: Are trainings worth their [...]

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Maximum Learning Transfer: Why Do We Need Software

More and more organizations understand that the transfer of learning offers an unparalleled potential for improvement. They know that, on average, only 20% of what has been learned in a training is later transferred to the workplace. 80% of the training investment is wasted. That should be one of the largest remaining improvement potentials in [...]

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Software-Supported Lean Learning in Practice: The Million-EURO Improvement Potential Through Transfer of Training

In the highly competitive environment. in which most companies are nowadays, training is of vital importance. The companies know that. 90% of participants in a McKinsey Quarterly survey have therefore stated that building the competencies is one of the top 10 priorities of their enterprise. And that is why in 2010 28.6 billion Euros were [...]

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Eliminate Wastage Through Lean Learning: From the Determination of the Training Needs up to the Training Transfer by maxment®

Training is of vital importance In the highly competitive which most companies are nowadays. The training funds, however, are limited. The challenge consists in extracting the maximum benefit from the existing training budgets. Wastage has to be stopped wherever it may appear. But in reality training funds are wasted at different points in the [...]

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