About us

Everything started with a few fundamental questions being asked in the context of a project for a large German company:

  • How can we ensure that the contents of leadership development fulfill the needs as fully as possible?
  • How can we ensure that the contents get applied in practice?
  • How can we track the sustainability of the trainings?

A systematic support process which integrates both the transfer support and the evaluation would be ideal … We quickly realized that such a process could only be realized efficiently with an appropriate automation. However, a suitable software was not available in the market. As a consequence, we founded the maxment GmbH in 2007, and the maxment® software was created – initially with a focus on the best-practice concept developed then, which proved itself soon in the implementation at various companies, and which was afterwards continuously refined based on the practical experiences. Due to the active motivation by our customers to also cover other topics of HR development equally well, over the years the maxment® software evolved into a web-based platform, which became the maxment® Learning & Transfer Suite, and which today covers a broad spectrum of processes related to HR development.

Our mission is, based on our software and our supporting services, to maximize the sustainability and efficiency of HR development – this is what, in an abbreviated form, the name maxment® stands for: maximizing development.

Software, support and highest data security “made in Germany”

Here we develop for you – with a strong team in the middle of beautiful Heidelberg.

The maxment® servers are exclusively located in Germany. This is how we can guarantee full compliance with the German data protection laws.

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