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Facilitating the cost-efficient implementation of custom-tailored HR development processes … this is what the modular maxment® Learning & Transfer Suite is about. Whether you are assessing the training needs, registering training participants, providing e-learnings, transferring learnings to the workplace, or controlling training activities – with maxment® you will increase the efficacy and efficiency of HR development.

For us, sustainability is of particular importance – so that learning has a real impact in practice and on the company´s performance. There lies our historical core, and this thought pervades all modules, because sustainable learning already starts when making development plans and in the end is part of a comprehensive HR controlling system.

That is why we regard maxment® not as a conventional Learning Management System, but rather as a unique Learning & Transfer Suite.

Above all, we want that you can implement exactly those processes that you are thinking of – even if this was not possible up to now without software or due to the limited flexibility of the existing systems. Thanks to the maxment® software, you can automate processes in such a way that employees and supervisors receive the best support conceivable that is aligned with your corporate culture.

Your Advantages from maxment®

Powerful Software.
maxment® is an extraordinarily flexible software with a repertoire of solutions for the most varied practical needs, which has been growing for more than ten years and which has been continuously expanded with manifold innovative and user-friendly functions.

Outstanding Service.
Also part of maxment® is a competent, engaged and creative consultancy – we want to understand your wishes, and want to find the best solutions for you jointly. And as things never stand still, we are refining these solutions over time to meet your evolving requirements – without expensive change requests, but fast and in an uncomplicated manner, whenever it makes sense. Because smoothly running processes in the end pay out for everybody.

One-Stop Solution.
Our approach is based on the fact that we are not only your implementation partner, but that we are also developing the software ourselves. This way, over the years, we have created a platform with which we can implement optimal and custom-tailored solutions for our customers´ problems.

Especially appreciated

Implements what makes sense for you.

Implements what makes sense for you. Your company should not adapt to the software, but the software should reflect what you need. That is why we have implemented a large variety of bespoke processes for our customers – how ever it makes the most sense.

Simplifies what is complicated.

Simplifies what is complicated. Even in complex settings, when other suppliers have to give up, maxment® enables practical solutions thanks to the high flexibility of the system, e.g. when corporate standards are to be combined with location-specific variants, or when the learning set-up is demanding.

Gives you exactly what you need. No more. No less.

Gives you exactly what you need. No more. No less. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by software solutions? Not so with maxment® – although the system has a lot to offer, it does not brag about it: you will always only see what is relevant for you. And this, of course, applies to learners, supervisors and other users alike.

All is one.

All is part of one. When designing your processes, you can make use of the functionalities of all modules – technically they together represent one organically grown system so that all functionalities can be combined to holistic processes across all modules.

Thinks along.

Thinks for you. Automated processes do not need to be dumb – we have made many functions so intelligent that they, for instance, avoid unnecessary loops. On top comes our extraordinary support which thinks and helps out creatively – our customers appreciate the precise answers and the fast implementation of their requests.

Likes people.

Likes people. We start from the premise that the users are human beings, and that they want to feel supported as such by the software. That is why we, the people behind maxment®, look at the pages and processes always from the perspective of all roles involved, and we consistently design them so that they are user-friendly and intuitive.

Looks great, like everything around you.

Looks great. Like everything around you. Of course, we can design everything in your corporate design: start pages, questionnaires, emails, reports etc. So that everybody sees immediately: your company is behind this, your corporate culture is alive here.

Even the prices are simple.

Even the prices are simple. Our license packages typically already comprise exactly what you need: As a web-based tool (SaaS) a secure hosting under German data protection laws is inclusive. If desired, we, however, also install on premise. Consulting, implementation, training and support belong to our packages – there is no need for expensive change requests.

Your Requirements

The starting point can vary considerably. How would you rate the requirements of your company?

Very good! Then we will set up for you maxment® processes that are just as simple, and you can go live within a very short time span. If you so far do not possess many materials, we will love to recommend suitable best practices to you, which you will be able to further refine over time.
… there are some special cases? No problem, if they justify a special treatment, we will find solutions for them – perhaps even one which automatically knows when it is called for.

Great! Here maxment® can display its full flexibility and solution creativity. And it can make sure that despite the high complexity everything remains clearly organized. We are looking forward to your challenges …

Our Modules

The maxment® Learning & Transfer Suite comprises five modules for different topics of HR development. Each maxment® module can either be used as a stand-alone solution, or it may be linked up with existing systems via a simple interface, or it can be combined with other maxment® modules to form a holistic suite.

Profiles & Plans

training needs

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Course Manager

training courses

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Online Courses

Enable self-paced

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Transfer & Evaluation

Maximize impact
on the job

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HRD Cockpit

Analyze in depth &
report trainings

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